Start Getting Faster with John Petrucci (Scarred Unison) Join my Patreon family to Access all my YouTube lesson videos PDF and GP tabs, LESSON MATERIALS specialized for my patrons: Guitar practice, ear training, music theory, recording technologies, improvising, composing, sound&video production, Video Feedbacks to Your Videos and more!!! This is a very unique unison in that you can improve your alternate picking speed, technique, and rhythm feeling. I usually teach this unison to my students and

Dream Theater – Scarred Unison Lesson & Tabs

Dream Theater – Scarred Unison Lesson with Tabs SUBSCRIBE 🤘… 🤘 Skype Guitar Lessons with Ozz… Dream Theater – Scarred Unison part is one of the best picking exercise for improving your picking speed. If you wanna get faster on alternate picking try to practice this video improving the speed gradually. Guitar: Suhr Modern Plus Curly Fireburst For more lesson videos;… To get your 7% discount from