Ozz’s Guitar Talk with Leon Todd

Ozz’s Guitar Talk with Leon Todd This is a new concept that we are making some guitar talks with some amazing people. My first guest is Leon Todd. That was nice an hour chat, we talked about Leon Todd’s career, daily life, sponsorships, Ragdoll band, music… Also, we played “Guess that tone” game with Fractal Audio Axe Fx 3, and I got some vibrato guitar lessons from Leon Todd. Türkçe

How to Create Best Online Guitar Lesson Setup

How to Create Best Online Guitar Lesson Setup SUBSCRIBE 🤘 https://www.youtube.com/arayadis?sub_… 🤘 Skype Guitar Lessons with Ozz https://www.ozgurturkekul.com/skypegu… In this video, I will share my experiences with online guitar lessons. I have been teaching online for four years and I think I found the best applications and gears to make a great online lesson. I think Discord and skype are the best applications to use. You can use a DSLR

Jason Becker – Altitudes Played by My Students

Jason Becker Altitudes Sweep picking section played by my students. Jason Becker is an inspiration for all guitarists. To spread his legacy I’m trying to teach my students Jason Becker songs (espacially Altitudes for sweep picking) and I want to share some of my students playing Altitudes. Perpetual Burn is the first studio album by Jason Becker, released in 1988. Altitudes is the first song of the Perpetual Burn. Played

Studio Tour 2019 – Ozgur Studyo

Studio Tour 2019 Hello guys, I wanted to show you my humble studio which I opened in 2014. I have recieved a lot of questions about my studio like were is it, is there a garden, what am is that etc. So here is my studio tour. You can see some test videos of the equipments in my studio below \m/ Marshall Mini Silver Jubilee 2525H https://youtu.be/Pw9GOxyXUvg Fender Super-Sonic 22

Is Guitar Tone In Your Hands?

Is Guitar Tone In Your Hands? SUBSCRIBE 🤘 https://www.youtube.com/arayadis?sub_… 🤘 In this video we will try to answer one of the most debated topics in the guitar community: is the tone really in your hands? We will see John Petrucci and Joe Satriani playing shitty equipments. Then 6 of my students playing the same licks with the same amps, the same guitars, and the same pick. Let’s see what happened.

Shred Guitar Solo – Utopya Project Feat. Ozz

Shred Guitar Solo – Utopya Project Feat. Ozgur Turkekul. You are listening to Guce Tapan which is the second track of the Utopya Project’s album. I tried to make a contribution to this amazing track with my shred solo Camera & Edit / Onur “Manda” Özkara Guitars – Caner Uslan Bass – Onur Ağar Back Vocals, Synth, Keys & FX – Can Uzunallı Vocals – Onur Cobanoglu Drums – Ertuğrul

Progressive Rock/Metal Guitar Solo II

  Ozgur Turkekul playing Disenchant – Externals Guitar Solo. SUBSCRIBE 🤘 https://www.youtube.com/arayadis?sub_… 🤘 I wrote this short solo in 2005 as a guitarist of Disenchant (Progressive Rock/Metal) band and you can find some example of tapping solo technique, bending technique , alternative picking… Guitar: Ibanez Prestige Rg 1527 7 String Electric Pre-Amp/Effects Processor: Axe Fx Ultra DAW: Cubase 5 Camera&Lens: Panasonic GH3 + Panasonic Lumix G Vario 14-42mm Thanks to

Guitar Students Compilation – My students rock… literally!!!

  My Guitar Students Compilation   Skype Guitar Lessons with Ozz https://www.ozgurturkekul.com/skypegu…   Some of my guitar students’ performances in our guitar lessons. As a guitar teacher, I am very proud of them. You will see performances from different types of genres like blues, rock, fusion, metal, shred… guitar playing. I am teaching one on one and online (skype guitar lessons) for years to different types of students. Watching my

Guitarist Home Studio Tour 2020 & Guitar Collection

  Guitarist Home Studio Tour 2020 & Guitar Collection SUBSCRIBE 🤘 https://www.youtube.com/arayadis?sub_… 🤘 Hi guys, I usually work from my studio (Ozgur Studyo) https://youtu.be/eS11Jvz3sIA But after corona, I moved to my home and created a humble home studio. This is a budget home studio that I even don’t use studio monitors but it has everything a guitarist needs. My guitarist home studio elements: Guitars: Ibanez RG 1527 Prestige, Suhr Modern

How to Get Great Guitar Tones

  How to Get Great Guitar Tones In this video, I’ll give you great guitar tone tips to reach your dream guitar sound. I have been watching tons of videos about the best guitar tones (great guitar tone) and what I saw is everybody is talking about how to dial guitar tone, volume knob, tone knob, guitar adjustments, pickup height… but nobody talks about ear training. So I just tried