Marshall Mini Jubilee 2525H Head with 2×12 Matching Cabinet loaded with Celestion G12 Vintage (Marshall 2536) test.


2525H Head 2336 Cab Marshall Silver Jubilee is one of the best guitar amps in rock history (Slash, Joe Bonomassa, John Frusciante..) I played three different guitars with that beauty; Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Goldtop Reissue MJT Custom Stratocaster Charvel San Dimas Japan Marshall 2536 Cabinet is mic’d with 3 microphones two sm57s (dynamic), 1 audio technica At2020 ( as a room mic). The sound was recorded in a large room which wasn’t acoustically treated so you’re gonna hear how it’ll sound in your own room. You can see more test videos links below \m/…

Thanks to Emre Ercan, Gokhan AKA “Pislickkedi”, Can Acarbay, Cenker Baydere for their contributions.

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